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9 out of 10 times when I lose something… It’s because I put it away somewhere safe.

I literally have no idea what happens to it! I don’t put things away in a ‘safe place’ they get lost. So I decide to put them away and they still get lost. That is until I don’t need it anymore and then suddenly it re-appears! Or you see it a week before you need it and the vanishes when you go to get it. The worst mistake I can ever make is putting something away in a safe place! Because that safe place means I will NEVER see it again, it is like the safest place ever because even I can’t find it, let alone other people!

When I lose something I like to try and retrace my steps. I think back to when I had it last, or where I remember seeing it last. Then if it’s not there I try the second most obvious place. Then in the end the whole house is upside down because I’ve had to empty every cupboard because I still can’t find it.

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