Turning Old County Jail Into Home

Woman Is Turning An Old County Jail Into A Multi-Purpose Home

There’s such a thing as a “fixer upper”. Then there’s something you can only describe as a project with no end date. For this one Georgia lady, it’s probably safe to assume her new home is probably the latter.

A local lady named Maria has purchased what was formerly a county jail for $5,000 at auction. Her plans are to renovate it into a multi-purpose home. She will be working on it one “room” (or cell, more appropriately) at a time. First starting with her kitchen — which, if we’re being completely honest, looks amazing. But that’s about the only part of the house I can say looks inhabitable. She sure has her work cut out.

The county jail has a little bit of a dark history, too, reports USA Today. “It would be, by today’s standards, inhumane,” says Sheriff Chuck Smith of the Meriwether County Sheriff’s Department.

But Maria remains undeterred although she has her work cut out. She has plans to turn part of the former jailhouse into an art studio. adding that she has a “whole list” of possible uses for the historic property, including but not limited to a destination for “shotgun weddings.” I can’t say that I know many people interested in being married in a former incarceration center, but to each there own!

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