This Simple Test Will Reveal If You’re A True Introvert

Do you know what kind of personality you have? People can often be divided by whether or not they’re an outgoing extrovert or a shy introvert. Introverts are often known for being more focused, so this test should be no problem for you if you’re a true introvert.

Look at the pictures below and try to find the hidden objects. The result determines your personality type. The answers are listed below!

1. Let’s start with an easy one. Find the croissant.

2. Can you find the hot air balloon among the jellyfish?

3. A turtle is hiding in the leaves.

4. This one is difficult: find the button.

5. Are you one of the few who can find the butterfly?

6. This is even harder: Can you find a cup of coffee?

7. Spot the snail.

8. And lastly, find the candy among the fish
















1. If you found the items without trouble, then you are most likely an introvert. You have unique observational skills and often focus on the details. You value your alone time and prefer not to show your emotions.

2. If you gave up on looking for the items, then you’re possibly an extrovert. You are an active, emotional person who enjoys the attention and the company of others.

3. If you had trouble but still passed the test, then you’re an ambivert, which is a rare type of personality. You’re capable of adapting to different environments and have zero trouble talking to others.

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