Here’s How To Solve All Your Sleep Problems

Here’s How To Solve All Your Sleep Problems

It is estimated that we spend about a third of our life sleeping, however for some of us, this is reduced due to insufficient sleep. There are many reasons for this including sleeping conditions, environmental distractions, or physical ailments. These issues will cause major disruption to your sleep and in turn will cause overall health issues, if you are not getting your recommended amount.

Can’t stay asleep
Avoid alcohol before bed since it can decrease the amount of time you spend in deep REM sleep.
Make sure your room is set between 68 and 71 F
Make sure you have black out curtains to make the room as dark as possible.

Acid reflux
Talk to your doctor about medication options as this should not be ignored.
Try sleeping on your left side on an elevated pillow.

Shoulder pain
Don’t sleep on your side. If you are a side sleeper, and the pain is only in one should, try sleeping on the other side. Hugging a pillow might help.

Can’t fall asleep
Avoid caffeine several hours before bedtime. Exercise in the morning or afternoon and put your phone away and turn off any other electronic device, like TVs at least an hour before bedtime.

Try sleeping on your side or propping your head up a few inches.
Talk to your doctor if its a weight issue.
Or clear out your sinuses with saline before bed time to clear your airways.

Neck pain.
Replace your pillows at least every 2 years.
People reported firm pillows were the most comfortable.
Do not stack your pillows up high, you should only need 1 firm pillow for the perfect neck posture.

Leg cramps.
You can try massaging the area, applying heat to the muscle, and stretching to relieve the pain.

Back pain
Add a pillow under your thighs if you sleep on your stomach, or under your legs if you sleep on your back.

Can’t wake up
Try to wake up around the same time every day (even at the weekends) so your body becomes used to it. A routine is key to get your body used to waking up at a suitable time.

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