He Posts A Notice About Cheating Neighbour

He Posts A Notice About Cheating Neighbour. I Can’t Believe How Far He Goes To Tell Everyone The Truth…

We all know that finding out a partner/spouse is cheating on you is the worst. But while most of us cry into a tub of ice cream to get over the heartbreak, others do not take the news so easily. Of course we have seen all seen the posts where people trash the cheaters cars, or throwing the cheaters clothes into the street. But this guy has clearly decided to take a different route on how to deal his his cheater wife and the man she is having the affair with.

One guy decided to post a notice titled ATTENTION: Do you know who you live near????? through all the doors of a man’s neighbours. He had found out all the details of the man his wife was having an affair with and went public with it! H explains the situation in a LOT of detail.

As he stated in his notice, he is not going to do anything that will risk him losing his kids or going to jail. So he will not hurt the guy his wife has been cheating with. Instead he is spreading the word to everyone he can think of starting with the neighbours!

ATTENTION: Do you know who you live near?????

Your neighbor Charles L.MXXX (DOB December 19XX) who lives ar  XXX Fountain St. is having an affair with my wife of 12 years.

It has been going on since Feb 25,2012 but I just found out in January 2013. My wife promised to break it off but I found out yesterday that they are still seeing each other. I will be divorcing her.

His home phone is 410-XXX-XXX. He is 6’3, 195lbs. He drives a white Chevy pick up truck (license plate 4XXXXX)

I will be going to his job tomorrow and attending his church on Sunday to let everybody know the kind of man that he is. Because I cannot physically harm him and risk losing my kids or going to jail,I plan on spreading the word about this lowlife loser.

Have a nice evening.

While we do feel bad for the guy for finding out his wife is cheating, do you think he is taking it too far?


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