10 Signs Your In A Relationship With A Narcissist

10 Signs Your In A Relationship With A Narcissist

1. Lack of empathy toward others
They have difficulty putting themselves “in someone else’s shoes”.  Their behaviour seems callous, unemotional and selfish. They may be able to playact the part of a loving partner or parent to outsiders, but you will not see that behaviour at home.

2. A sense of grandiose self-worth
This is an over-inflated ego to the point of exaggerating or lying about their accomplishments and worth.

3. A sense of entitlement
They expect preferential treatment from you and all others. They expect things to happen according to their wishes and expects total compliance from their spouse at all times.

4. Idealised fantasy
Your partner may be obsessed with ideas about “perfect” love, beauty, or power. Although you were most likely put on a pedestal during courtship, you will have had to disappoint them at some point and then you become worthless and possibly discarded; there is very little room in between these two states.

5. A haughty and superior attitude toward others
The narcissist feels they are “special”. They often must have the very best of everything and feels they can only associate with others at their level or at their preferred institution (club, university, etc.)

6. An excessive desire or need for admiration from others
Admiration and praise act like a drug that they crave and will go to extreme lengths to get it.

7. Jealous of others and thinks others are jealous of them
They are envious of other people’s accomplishments and may even get enraged at hearing about the successes of others.

8. A willingness to exploit others for their own benefit
Your partner may be comfortable with the idea of “stepping on others” to get ahead and sees no harm in it; they may even brag about it.

9. Lying
Many narcissistic partners are pathological liars. They will try and manipulate you with a complex web of lies and half-truths. Their highly selective memory will filter out the truth. They will blame you and not take responsibility-for anything. They will lie about everything in an attempt to justify their behaviour or maintain their inflated ego. If you question their version of the truth, they may get enraged and lash out in anger or come up with an even more absurd lie to explain it away.

10. Violent tendencies
Warning, your partner may experience episodes of uncontrollable rage. Their bouts of anger may include screaming, hurling obscenities or even physical violence. They will try to modify their spouse’s and children’s behaviour according to their wishes by criticising.

Source – TNL

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